Service and Programs

Service and Programs

Bee 1 (LKG) and Bee II (UKG)
A child’s initiation into his formal academic life begins with the Bee I and Bee II classroom. In these crucial years of his or her academic journey, it is important to be exposed to the most conducive learning environment. In this context we have equipped our Bee I and Bee II classes with the most modern teaching aids and facilities. Learning the basics of language, numbers and a host of other overall individual development programs, the Bee I and Bee II classes will equip the children at HoneyComb for the rigors of their academic and personal futures.
Till the age of three, just before their preschool years, children learn to perceive, recognize and understand differences in their environment and surroundings. At our playgroup, we provide the children with a host of different activities which they can try out and get better at. In this stage the role of the parent is to be an active observer, while giving their child the much needed confidence by their presence; discover what they can already do themselves. The playgroup facilitates a smooth transition to the preschool system of education.
Daycare Services
We at HoneyComb provide daycare services for children aged between 3 years to 10 years. The schedule consists of a structured course of activities that keep the children engaged and ensures adequate time to learn and play. Our daycare service gives parents the ease of mind in knowing that their children are in a safe and productive learning environment.
After-School Care
HoneyComb utilizes the knowledge and experience of its team of child care experts, allow children across various age groups to find the right balance between learning and fun through a lot of academic and fun filled activities. We ensure that our after-school care service ensures the holistic development of your child.
Infant Care
Infant care is a highly sensitive and critical area in the development of your infant baby. The major and most significant changes to your little one happen during this period. We at HoneyComb ensure that your infant child is taken care of in a manner that ensures the best environment for his or her cognitive development and creative expression.
Summer Camps
We conduct summer camps in our premises for children across various age groups and we have carefully designed every summer camp program based on the needs and requirements of each age group. The ultimate objective of summer camp is to help children enjoy the break from their hectic academic schedules by way of engaging in fun filled, yet creatively productive activities. It is also our belief that children should not lose track of their academic development and in this context we ensure they are also equipped for the rigors of the following academic year by interspersing academic activities as part of our summer camp programs.
The curriculum designed by the experts at HoneyComb seeks to provide the children with a holistic learning environment. A learning experience that ensures the all round development of the child. We believe that a happy child will grow up to fulfill his or her true potential and through the curriculum at HoneyComb, the child is encouraged to explore and learn from the surroundings at HoneyComb, where we take a lot of effort to involve Mother Nature and her finer nuances. The children are taught to develop a healthy appreciation for all of Nature’s gifts. A typical day begins with a series of activities that help them develop this appreciation. This includes enabling them to look after the small flora and fauna at the premises of HoneyComb.

Our fine tuned curriculum specifically designed for Bee 1 and Bee 2 helps the students to be able to cope with the world they will face in the future. We have ensured that they will not be overawed by the rigors of modern education and academic demands.
Language Skills:

Language and verbal skills are taught through the use of songs and interactive games. Children are exposed to pre writing skills, pencil hold being the focus along with strokes, identify small and capital letters, sounds, word association activities in a progressive and fun filled manner. The purpose of these activities is to help them develop their vocabulary and reading skills.

Number Skills:

The curriculum at HoneyComb incorporates the pre-math concept of big-small, heavy-light, more-less etc with help of pictures and activity. Numbers are learnt by tracing, sequencing through games and activity such as count and match, count and colour etc. The use of various toys and learning aids enable the children to understand shapes and colours.

Creative Skills:

The children are also nurtured at HoneyComb to inculcate their creative spark by engaging in storytelling, rhymes and group circle activities.

General Awareness and Discipline:

Children at Honeycomb will be equipped with general awareness and discipline by engaging them in simple easy to follow activities. They will be aware of the topics like myself, seasons, means of transportation, fruits and vegetables, animals and their young ones etc. Their disciplined life will include eating healthy, hygiene and grooming and its importance, taking care of nature, road safety etc.

All of this will be done in teacher guided activity mode through storytelling, craft, clay models, teamwork, nursery rhymes, poems and role play.

The curriculum caters to different types of learners, and allows each child to learn each concept at his/her pace. It also ensures the children are prepared for the schooling in the years to come.

Some of the other activities and programs in our service include:
  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Executive Function
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Physical Development and Wellness

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