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About us

Who we are?

HoneyComb is a daycare and preschool that specializes in providing daycare and preschool services to parents who are looking for a safe and secure environment for their children during the day.

The Name:

As our name suggests, we at HoneyComb provide the benefits of a caring and nurturing environment much like the wonderful natural environment of the HoneyComb. Every child at HoneyComb is special and his or her needs are catered to with undivided personalized attention by the experienced staff and child care associates.

Parents can be assured of complete peace of mind with our daycare and preschool facilities at HoneyComb. We operate to suit your daily hectic schedules and ensure that your child never misses out on the joys of growing up as a child in a world that has so much to offer them.

The HoneyComb Logo:

The Inspiration for the HoneyComb logo comes from the children themselves. The basic hexagonal structure represents the shape of a single hive in a honeycomb. There are three basic colours used in the logo: red, blue and orange. The blue and red sides of the hive represent the compassionate and care giving hands of each member of our team. The orange side represents the safe and secure environment at HoneyComb. The children are encouraged to explore their true potential within the safe environment of our premises at HoneyComb.

Our Team:

Each member of our team is unique in their own special way. This is very similar to the various roles that each bee has to play in a honeycomb. All the members of our team are selected after going through a series of interviews and aptitude tests. These tests are designed to help us choose the right people who would play an influential role in the development of your child. Virtues of patience and compassion are the traits that we look for the most while looking for members to add to our team. A thorough background check and police record verification is the final step of the selection process.

Why HoneyComb Kidz?
  • Conducive environment for learning.
  • Safe and secure premises with live camera streaming feed facility.
  • Experienced teaching staff.
  • Compassionate and dedicated child care associates.
  • Experiential learning methodology.
  • Curriculum developed with experts from the field of education and child development

Our aim is to provide our services to more parents and children throughout Kerala.


HoneyComb envisions its future as a centre of excellence for child development and learning.

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Outdoor Play Area
School Bus
Theme based classrooms
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